On a clear, but cool day a group of East Ribble District volunteers assembled at Blackburn Rugby Club for a day of volunteering at Blackburn’s Beer Festival to raise funds for Blackburn Youth Zone.
The 6 hour shift started with an informative briefing from the Bar Manager, WBro Jim Fallow,  although most of the volunteers are becoming very experienced at pulling pints as the event has become a popular feature on the Charity Steward’s calendar.
The day started fairly slowly with the volunteers having small, but necessary samples of the ales on offer so that they could give accurate advice to the customers.  This year East Ribble District had sponsored a barrel of Wily Fox “Fox Hat”, so it was obligatory that this ale was sampled.
By about 4pm the bar had become a lot busier, being several deep in customers.  The day finished in a blur of activity and before any of the volunteers realised it was time to go home, happy in the knowledge that they had helped Blackburn Youth Zone to raise approximately £25,000 between the 6 shifts over the weekend.

Article and Images: East Ribble District Team