Oldham District Masonic Fellowship Committee

Left to right:  WBro Eddie Baines (Support Officer), Mrs Marlene Clegg (Refreshments Organiser),
WBro Peter Clegg (Chairman), Mrs Carol Baines (Reception), WBro Peter Schofield (Treasurer),
Mrs Marlene Armitage (Secretary) and Bro Colin Thompson (Almoner)

The Annual General Meeting of the Oldham District Masonic Fellowship took place on Friday 19th February at the Masonic Hall, Kershaw Street, Shaw with an attendance of around 40 members and supported by the Deputy District Chairman, WBro Les Taylor and new President, WBro Peter Hewitt and his wife Sandra.

Chairman WBro Peter Clegg opened the meeting by welcoming everybody and gave a precis of the year’s activities and then invited Mrs Margaret Kennedy to read the Minutes of the previous AGM which were then approved and signed accordingly.
The Treasurer, WBro Alan Collett gave a very detailed presentation and explanation of the Accounts and WBro Colin Thompson gave his Almoners report.
At this stage WBro Peter Hewitt, who only recently assumed the Office of President, spoke about the work of the Fellowships in general and made reference to the forthcoming 34th Conference of the Association of Masonic Fellowships that this year will be hosted by the Middleton Masonic Fellowship.  He also mentioned his intention to discuss with the Oldham and Rochdale District Officers his plans for trying to ensure a continuing flow of members for the three Fellowships in Eastern Area which was received with interest.
All Officers were thanked by Chairman Peter Clegg for their sterling work, particularly Secretary Margaret and Treasurer Alan, who were retiring from active Office this time.  The election of Officers for the year 2016-2017 then took place as follows:

Chairman:                                          WBro Peter Clegg
Secretary:                                          Mrs Marlene Armitage
Treasurer:                                          WBro Peter Schofield
Almoner:                                            Bro Colin Thompson
Refreshment Organiser:                Mrs Marlene Clegg
Support Officer:                               WBro Eddie Baines
Reception:                                         Mrs Carol Baines

Secretary Marlene distributed copies of the 2016/2017 Programme of Activities and announced that the Annual Trip this year will hopefully be to the Beamish Museum near Durham on the Friday 13th May 2013.  Anyone wishing more information can contact secretary Marlene on 0161 284 0319.

The next meeting of the Oldham District Masonic Fellowship will take place on Thursday 11th March at Shaw Masonic Hall.