Richard Hawkins, APGM for Southern Area, led the team of District and Acting Officers on this Pastoral Visit to Denton Lodge

Worshipful Brother Richard Hawkins led a small team of district officers on a Pastoral Visit to Denton Lodge 5234 On a Friday in late January. It had been intended that we would support the Lodge at a planned ceremony but sadly a change of personal circumstances, at the last moment, meant that that could not go ahead. Undaunted by the setback, Peter Cole, who is an Honorary Member of Denton Lodge, decided that he would put on a demonstration of the Traditional History, at short notice.

Some of the Members and Visitors of the Lodge after the meeting

Peter Cole, if you don’t know him, is one of those Masons we all tend to turn to when we find ourselves short of something to do in a meeting, usually because an emergency has left us in the lurch. Peter is not only a true friend in times of difficulty, but an excellent ritualist as well. Those of you who do not know the Traditional History will not know that it is an extended piece of work, recited from memory, without notes. It is not an easy thing to do, and certainly not at short notice. Peter, however, did a perfect rendition, just about as well performed as I have ever seen it done.

Harvey Taylor, Master of Denton Lodge, together with Richard Hawkins

Peter was thanked by the Master of the Lodge, Harvey Taylor, who then led the Lodge through the remainder of a very well produced meeting. Afterwards we all enjoyed a very pleasant Social Board in excellent company, but that is really what Freemasonry is all about.

Further photographs of this event can be found on the

Report and Photographs by Kevin Hall,
District Communications Officer