Planning Your Lodge’s Future

The future of Freemasonry in our Province is very much dependent upon the future success of our lodges. We all know that we are in changing times. Gone are the days when many lodges would attract 40 or more members to a meeting. However, this should not mean that we sit back and watch lodges reduce in size to a point where meetings may no longer be enjoyable and fulfilling, and the future of a Lodge, perhaps YOUR Lodge is in jeopardy.

So what is the answer?

To safeguard the future of Freemasonry in East Lancashire the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro. Sir David Trippier, has stated “Every Lodge must have a Lodge Plan”. The Province has therefore created a lodge planning ‘Workbook’, which is based upon a series of simple templates. These will help promote discussions in lodges and enable each one to create their own ‘Lodge Plan’. The process adopted aligns with Step 1 of ‘The Members’ Pathway’.
All Lodges are expected to commence and complete their plan between January and May 2021.

You will not be left without any further assistance – your District Team (Chairman, Membership Officer and District Mentor) will act as facilitators in your lodge planning discussions and aid the completion of your Lodge Plan. Lodges should contact them directly for assistance as required.

Wishing you success with the plan and your Lodge’s success in the future.

Lodge Planning presentation
Lodge Planning Workflow Diagram
Workbook Templates
Pathway Support Documentation