The Salford Ionic Lodge for installed Masters is on the 17th May this year playing host to the prestigious lecturer W.Bro Antony D G Harvey PJGD –

Tony will be presenting his 2012 Prestonian Lecture entitled “Scouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations?”

You are invited to apply for a place at the Lecture and afterwards at the festive board by contacting The Lodge Secretary: W.Bro Peter I Rees ProvSGD –

The Lectureship is a memorial to William Preston (1742-1818) the foremost Masonic educator of his age, who left a legacy to Grand Lodge to perpetuate his system of ritual lectures. The Lectureship went into abeyance in 1856 but was revived in a new form in 1924. Tony Harvey was appointed this Lectureship in 2012 and has since developed