Once upon a vibrant evening in Bury, the Arcade Club was excited as it opened its doors to host a special charity arcade night. This unique event drew the attention of Masons from all corners of Lancashire, creating a magical atmosphere filled with camaraderie and goodwill.

The idea for the charity arcade night was born when a Manchester Mason, W.Bro. Darren Fletcher, sought a creative way to raise funds for the East Lancashire 2026 Festival. he envisioned an event that would bring both masons and their families together for a good cause and create lasting memories.

Darren collaborated with Andy Palmer at Arcade Club, a renowned arcade haven in Bury, to transform the venue into a charitable wonderland. Rows of classic arcade machines, glowing neon lights, and the unmistakable sounds of 8-bit tunes set the stage for an unforgettable night.

Word spread like wildfire among the Masonic lodges in Lancashire, capturing the interest of members eager to contribute to a meaningful cause while indulging in some nostalgic gaming fun.

As the night unfolded, Masons and their families filled the Arcade Club with laughter and enthusiasm. From Pac-Man to pinball, every corner of the arcade echoed with the cheers and banter of those participating in the friendly tournaments. The spirit of unity and brotherhood permeated the air, creating an atmosphere of warmth and goodwill.

The highlight of the evening was the gaming competitions, where people displayed their skills at arcade games. Three tournaments took place in the evening:

  • Retro Gaming Tournament – Comprising of three games with a cumulative score, these games included classics like Galaga, Donkey Kong and Pac-Man.
  • Video Clay Pigeon Tournament
  • Racing Game Tournament – Comprising four racers at a time on games like Outrun 2 and Daytona.

Ultimately, the charity arcade night surpassed all expectations, raising an impressive £750 for the chosen cause, with a sense of accomplishment and pride, grateful for the opportunity to impact their community positively.

As the night concluded, attendees left the Arcade Club with hearts full of joy, having experienced the power of coming together for a shared purpose. The charity arcade night not only raised funds but also strengthened the bonds of brotherhood among the Masons and families of Lancashire. The event’s success inspired future collaborations between the Brethren and the local community, ensuring that the spirit of giving and unity continued to thrive.