On Sunday afternoon May 1st, a small band of merry men from a number of lodges across the district, assembled at Blackburn Rugby Club to assist running the bar at the annual Blackburn Beer Festival. However this was all for a good cause, as the hardy group of bar stewards were supporting the event at which it was hoped around £20,000 would be raised for Blackburn Youth Zone.

Once festival t-shirts were donned, and with festival glass in hand, the brethren were taken through a crash course in how to pull the perfect pint. This seemed to come naturally to the brethren, so they were quickly assigned their stations across the huge bar where around 80 beers and ciders were on offer. Having their own glass they were able to sample the beers themselves as a form of product research so they could accurately inform the customers before they made their various choices.

The six hour shift seemed to go very quickly with lots of pints pulled and more importantly much needed funds raised for Blackburn Youth Zone. At the time of writing the final figure hasn’t been announced as they still had the final evening shift to complete. This was a very hard work…. But somebody has to do it!