Last night I attended, as a guest of the Deputy District Chairman, WBro Malcolm Ashton JP, PProvDepGDC, the Earl of Lathom Lodge No. 2560, who were raising Bro Christopher J Boardman.
What an evening! Bro Boardman will not realise this yet but last night he was subjected to one of the finest 3rd degree ceremonies I have had the pleasure to witness. The WM WBro Christopher O Eccles opened the lodge skilfully before handing the gavel to the DC, WBro David A Kyme ProvGStwD. WBro Kyme opened to the third and raised Bro Boardman with a skill and confidence that was a joy to behold. The gavel was then returned to WBro Eccles who continued the business of the evening.
WBro Toni W Hankins, PProvJGD, gave a cracking rendition of the traditional history etc.
It should also be noted that the WM of Egerton Lodge No 1392, WBro Craig Hindle, was present as a visitor and took the role of the Senior Deacon, no small role to play in a 3rd degree. He was, as ever, flawless in his role.

The social board was exactly that…….social. It was an extremely happy place to be. Excellent company and the perfect amount of humour in the conversation and the speeches. Smiles all round.
WBro Toni W Hankins PProvJGD, gave a cracking, interesting, impromptu add on to the toast to the WM……..I’ll leave it at that.

I have to say that the Earl of Lathom is an extremely friendly and welcoming lodge. It is a relatively young lodge in respect of its membership with the perfect balance of wisdom and enthusiasm.
I want to thank all the members for making me and all the visitors feel so at ease in your company.
I seriously recommend a visit to this lodge.