In the spirit of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and making a positive impact, two Manchester Masons will strap on the leather gloves and enter the ring in one of man’s oldest sports and do battle in the squared circle. Every jab thrown, every bob and weave, contributes to something greater than the sport itself, as a significant portion of the event’s proceeds will be going towards the East Lancashire Festival. As we eagerly anticipate the opening bell and the first gloves touch, let’s remember the true purpose behind this charity boxing event – to spread hope, inspire change, and uplift those who need it most. Mark your calendars, rally your friends, and prepare for an evening that promises to leave a lasting impact on hearts and minds alike. Together, let’s unleash hope and prove that compassion always emerges as the ultimate victor in the ring of life. Email for details

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Our thanks and admiration go to both Elliott and Tom for taking up this challenge. Tickets to attend the fight (along with many other fights on the card) are available – see the details on the flyer. It would be great to get a good turn to show our support. However, for those not attending I would also ask that Brethren show their appreciation by sponsoring the event. Please use the link below to boost the amount of money raised. Don’t forget that Area, Lodge & Chapter donations are also welcomed.