Salford District Charity Steward, WBro Ian MacNeill, BEM, JP, reports that when an appeal was made in support of Salford Food Bank, donations from the Lodges at Salford raised £1,350. This magnificent sum purchased items that had specifically been asked for. In addition over 1000 items were received at Hemsley House, Salford Masonic Hall. Delivery was made to Salford Food Bank on Monday 21 December.

This acknowledgement was received from the Food Bank:

To Ian, and all the members of the Salford Masonic Hall,

Thank you so much for your recent food donation to help with the work of Salford Foodbank – your donation was an incredible total weight of 1047kg! We really appreciate your generosity. Please pass on our thanks to all your fellow members for their help in collecting such a vast amount – I have attached a certificate to share with them (let me know if I have the wording correct – I am happy to edit if not!). We’d also love to welcome you here at the warehouse at Kansas Avenue for a tour and to show you how we work – perhaps once lockdown is eased a little! Please do let us know if you wish to put together a comment and photos for our social media too. 

My apologies for the delay in contacting you – we were overwhelmed by our community’s generosity in December. In just one month we received 15.5 tonnes of food; to put that into perspective it’s the equivalent weight of 30 camels! We are so grateful to all those who donated, as well as all our dedicated volunteers who gave their time to sort through the donations. 

Your donation will be used to help people in Salford who find themselves in a crisis situation. Our food parcels provide 3 days worth of nutritionally balanced emergency food. 

Thank you for your kind support.

Best wishes and Happy New Year!

Emma and all the team at Salford Food Bank