Tonight a delegation from the District Team was warmly welcomed to Solidarity Lodge 7885.
Tonight was a very special night for the lodge for many reasons and where would you start?
– The lodge celebrates 60 years in freemasonry.
– The lodge was honoured with Grand Patron of the East Lancashire 2026 Festival.
– WBro Robinson gave a most excellent presentation of a traditional history and explanation of the 3rd degree tracing board.
The District Team congratulate Solidarity Lodge in a night of friendship and fun. We also extend our sincere thanks for the fundraising you do for the festival and the many brethren of the lodge who give a regular personal donation.
Rather than photo of the brethren tonight, we will leave you with an example of the impact the MCF has in our area. Power 2 are based in Ashton and the MCF donated £30,000 to the charity for the benefit of the children in our area. Please visit their website to see some of the work they do.