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The Incongruous thing about the Ashton & District Lodge of Installed Masters, and from now on we shall call it ADLIM as everyone else does, is that it meets at Audenshaw Masonic Hall. The meeting of the Lodge that took place on Thursday 28th May was slightly unusual in that there were lots of people in attendance. Now there ought not to be anything special about that, except that ADLIM, which was consecrated in 1971 has rather fallen on hard times, as have any number of other Lodges, so that by the Spring of 2015 its membership had declined to eight, and not all eight were able to attend on a regular basis.

WBro John Pearson PSGD, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master for our Southern Area, attended the Installation Meeting of ADLIM last January, understood the plight of the Lodge, and being the man that he is he decided to do something about it. John has set out to revitalise the Lodge which, as the only Lodge of Installed Masters in the Southern Area, ought to be one of our Premier Lodges. So, with the agreement of the members of ADLIM, John has set out to attract as many new members to the Lodge as possible.

By careful management, and some changes to the Lodge’s bye-laws, ADLIM will change its focus. It will still meet three times a year, roughly every four months, but in future it will meet alternately in all three of the Southern Area three Masonic Halls at Audenshaw, Ashton and Mossley. By paying for meals on the night, and by some other tweaks, it has been possible to keep the Lodge’s annual subscription at a level that will make it attractive to every member of the Craft. So a Lodge that was dying on its feet ought to see a revival of its fortunes, thanks to John.

05 All Together Now

All Together Now

As of writing, the Lodge Secretary has received some 21 approaches from Masters and Past Masters who have indicated a desire to become joining members of the Lodge. They will be balloted for at the October Meeting of the Lodge and will probably become full members of the Lodge at the Installation Meeting in January. Of course, everyone involved hopes that this will be but the start of better things. WBro Pearson wants to see a thriving Lodge, where the very best of ritual can be seen being performed, where excellent papers can be given and a high standard of discussion regarding our brotherhood can take place. A membership of nearly 30 is but a good start, so why not think about becoming a member of ADLIM yourself. The only requirement is that you are in the Chair, or have already gone through the Chair of any of the Southern Area’s Lodges, and that you have a desire to see ADLIM Lodge thrive. For further details contact the Lodge Secretary, WBro McDermott or either District Secretary.

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The Ashton District Lodge of Installed Masters (now meeting at Stanley House, Audenshaw) caters for Masons who are Installed or Past Masters.  The Lodge meets three times a year and the Masonic ceremonies are worked by experienced Masters to the amazement of all concerned.

The Social Boards are frequently informal occasions.  Wives and partners attend along with widows of Lodge members who are invited as guests of the Lodge.  Relaxed and friendly evenings are had by all along with the usual fund-raising activities like raffles, quizzes and bingo.

If you have any events that you would like to see published here, please contact

Kevin Hall District Communications Officer for Audenshaw District.