WBro and Mrs Bradley, before the deed was done!

Chris Bradley is the Secretary of Lodge of Minerva No 300 which meets at Ashton. He is a member of other Lodges and Chapters both at Ashton and Audenshaw and Chris is very well known, especially because, over the last two years, he has let his hair grow unchecked. The reason for this course of action was so that he could raise money for charity. He already knew that his wife was one in a million, but the events of the last five years set out to prove how right he was.

Five years ago, Chris’ wife suffered a burst appendix, the cause being a tumour which had developed on that organ. As a result, she was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei, or PMP for short. This cancer is so rare that it is thought to affect no more than one person in a million in the western world. Like many other forms of cancer there is no cure, just recourse to some quite harrowing surgery, lasting for up to 17 hours. There are only two hospitals in the country that treat this Cancer, and fortunately, one of them is the Christie in Manchester.

So Chris set out to raise money for the Christie Hospital by growing his hair and beard, and then having them cut off in public. The evil deed was carried out at the Southern Area’s Charity Giving Evening that took place on the 8th April. You can see photographs of Chris before and after in this article, and you’ll find a few more in-between photographs in a gallery attached to this piece. During the evening, Chris collected £91.57 in buckets by the entrance to the Banquet Suite at Ashton Masonic Hall. So the total that Chris has raised so far adds up to £666.57, which includes Friday’s Collection, £450.00 given by way of a Just Giving page and £125.00 in Cash donations to date. If you would like to help a brother in need, there is still time to make a donation by going toChris Bradley’s Page on JustGiving.com





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