Members of the ELRADT awaiting their just deserts at the Festive Board.
Seated at the top of the table is EComp John Cavanagh, and extreme right EComp Graham Rawlinson

As a result of a request from ELRADT regular Graham Rawlinson, the Team attended his Lodge, St Chads, to perform Crafty Companions and try to introduce some non Royal Arch Masons to the Chapter. All was going smoothly until Les Taylor was struck down with laryngitis as we waited to go into the Lodge Room. As we all know, the show must go on and with a little shuffle of the running order the ELRADT team performed their piece to 50 or so enthralled masons, including Rochdale District Chairman WBro Peter G Hewitt, PAGDC.

ELRADT were, on this occasion, introduced by EComp Paul Aspinall who carried out the task under the watchful gaze of EComp David Thompson, the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal. David, being a great supporter of the team, was ideal as that someone in the room to whom we directed our humour, and as has become the norm it was he who received the usual harsh words and accusations from Nebuchadnezzar and Zachariah. It was all done in good humour, and he seemed to take it well (we hope). The assembled Brethren joined in with the usual boos and hisses and the occasional cheer, for all of these have become a part of the fun which ELRADT bring to their presentations. It was special night for the team as two members performed for the first time in “Crafty Companions”, Companions Greg Casson & Bob King, who were a credit to themselves and the team.

A wonderful evening was capped off with a generous donation of £150.00 to ELRADT’s charity. We look forward to our next event which will be at Cleveleys in the Province of West Lancashire.