Thursday, 17th December 2015 saw WBro David Bedford, PProvDepGReg installed again as Worshipful Master of The Lodge of Perseverance, no. 345.

After the wonderful Installation meeting and Festive Board a claim was made by WBro Alan Mercer, WM of Fidelity and Crusaders 269 on the Travelling Gavel.

This claim was swiftly countered by Cathedral Lodge, 7814, when WBro David Bell pointed out that there were more Cathedral members present than there were of Fidelity and Crusaders.

Appeals were lodged with the completely unbiased Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro Derek N Thornhill, PGSwdB, who just happened to be visiting his own lodge and just happens to be the Very Worthy Mason who wrote the rules.

After seconds of deliberation it was agreed that Cathedral Lodge, another of the many Lodges of which the Deputy Provincial Grand Master is a member, should claim the gavel.

The WM of Cathedral, Bro Steve O’Leary then received the Travelling Gavel from WBro Bedford.

The purpose of the Travelling Gavel is to encourage inter-lodge visiting and that aim is being met more and more. VWBro Thornhill made the point that Cathedral Lodge meet this coming Monday and he would be happy for any Lodge to come along and claim the Gavel