Maccabee Lodge 8947 held its annual charity walk, a tradition started twenty-nine years ago, a way to raise money for the Lodge charity account and help establish a more intimate relationship between members and, at the same time, support the fundraising: The Maccabee Lodge Benevolent Fund.

Every year a new adventure, a new route, and the same desire to be together. This year fantasy became reality through three rivers around Hurst Green in Clitheroe, by the Stoneyhurst College, where J. R. R. Tolkien penned the long-awaited follow-up to The Hobbit, considering Lancashire a big source of inspiration for his fantastical adventure.

The walk was very moderate with very little climbing and breathtaking views, embracing what the famous author saw and inspired his worldwide favourite novels. Even the weather decided to bless the team.

The charity raised money for the following charities: Bury Hospice, J. Sense, The FED, Feeding the Community Stockport, and the 2026 Festival.

A breath that vibrates on the notes of the birds singing their freedom, melodies that rocked us, dancing the endless moment through the eternal embrace of nature during a mystic walk diving in the fantasy, a symphony called Life, another step to help, another step that waves us close to the Great Architect of the Universe

Story by Brother Francesco Toto Maccabee 8947