On Monday 25th April at Manchester Hall, Townley Parker Lodge celebrated its 150th anniversary.
After the Lodge was opened and on the conclusion of its normal business, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro Derek Nelson Thornhill PGSwdB was received, accompanied by a Provincial Delegation. The WM, Bro J Wilson offered the gavel to the Deputy PGM which was readily accepted.
The Deputy PGM then introduced the delegation including WBro J Christopher Welton PSGD APGM, WBro David Basger PAGDC APGP, WBro Andrew Holland PAGSwdB ProvAGSec, WBro C Prax PProvJGW City Sykes District Chairman, WBro Duncan Ferguson ProvSGW, WBro Paul Thornton ProvJGW, WBro Rev’d Richard Hawkins ProvAGChap, WBro Andrew Procter ProvDepGDC, WBro Andrew Taylor Prov DepGDC and WBro Paul Bowen ProvGOrg. Other Grand Officers in attendance were WBro Wes Marchant PJGD, WBro Robert Frankl PAGDC and WBro Paul Hughes PAGDC.
Also present were a number of Manchester Area and District Officers.
VWBro Derek Nelson Thornhill congratulated the Brethren of the Lodge on the 150th Anniversary of the Lodge.
WBro Eric Cropper PProvJGW, the Treasurer of the Lodge, then presented a short history of the Lodge since its foundation in 1866. Read the History HERE
WBro Rev’d Richard Hawkins ProvAGChap then gave an oration to the Brethren. Read the Oration HERE

The Deputy PGM then addressed the Brethren. He reminded us that in 1866 Queen Victoria was on the throne and on 25 April 1866, the date of the Lodge’s Consecration, Lord John Russell was Prime Minister, although 3 days later he was succeeded by the 14th Earl of Derby. Andrew Johnson was the President of the United States and on 1 January 1866 the London Fire Brigade was formed. Other new arrivals in 1866 were Beatrix Potter, HG Wells, Cadbury’s Cocoa and Coleman’s Mustard.
This was the beginning of a vibrant stimulating organisation and today marks the “end of the past and a new beginning”.
He then invited WBro Andrew Holland PAGSwdB, ProvAGSec to read the 150th Anniversary Certificate after which it was presented to the WM for safekeeping in the Lodge.
The Deputy PGM then advised the Brethren that he was delighted to promote WBro Eric Cropper to PProvSGW. WBro Cropper had been initiated in 1971 and had served the Lodge as Treasurer for 13 years, Secretary and Worshipful Master on three occasions (1981, 1991 and 2001). In the Province he had been a PProvGSwdB and currently is a PProvJGW. WBro Cropper was then escorted round the Lodge for the acclamation of the Brethren.
The WM then presented to VWBro Thornhill two cheques , one for £1,083 payable to the 2015 Festival and another for £1,083 payable to ELMC.  VWBro Thornhill thanked the WM and brethren of the lodge for the two extremely valuable donations.