Waverley Lodge 1322 was consecrated on the 24th September 1870. On the 30th September 2021 The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, The Very Worshipful Brother John F. Farrington, accompanied by a Provincial Delegation were in attendance to celebrate the Lodge having been in existence for 150 years. 

A reading from the inaugural meeting was delivered by WBro K. Francis. This was followed by the The Deputy Provincial Grand Master delivering a reading of the celebration Certificate to record the Lodges 150th year.

The Provincial Grand Chaplain, WBro Russell Conn, gave an Oration which was followed by the The Deputy Provincial Grand Master addressing the Brethren.

The newly proclaimed Worshipful Master of the Lodge, WBro Alan Smith PJGD presented a donation for the ELMC to the The Deputy Provincial Grand Master and a collection for charitable causes was held prior to the Provincial Delegation retiring.

The subsequent Social Board was well attended, as was the meeting itself, and all who attended the celebration enjoyed the opportunity to meet once again and share in the brotherhood that this lodge has provided for the last 150 years and may it continue to provide such opportunities in the future.

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