On Monday 28th November Clitheroe Masonic Rooms hosted a presentation evening for around 20 Young Farmers from across the Ribble Valley and Longridge areas.
WBro Chad Northcott, PSGD, APGM for Salford, was introduced by WBro David Lightbown, PAGDC District Chairman, before he adressed the audience and talked about himself, his life as a vet and his Freemasonry. The presentation was interesting, very amusing and at times a little gruesome. The story of his Initiation day into Freemasonry and the emergency call he had to attend to on his way and how it played a part in the ceremony, will forever stick in everyones mind!
When referring to his life as a Freemason he spoke passionately about the family aspects and the morals that Freemasonry teaches its members. He also gave a potted history of Freemasonry and how it has developed over the last 300 years. Chad was happy to take questions at the end of his presentation and sensitively addressed such queries as ‘why is it only for men?’ and ‘why is it so secretive?’
The evening ended with the usual and excellent Clitheroe Masonic Rooms fayre of pork pie and sandwiches, which were very well received and heartily consumed by the Young Farmers.