Pilkington Lodge No. 6522 are a busy Lodge to say the least. They hold many initiations, passing’s and raisings in fact January saw them granted a dispensation to hold a second meeting in order that they may keep up with their work load. That said the main reason for the dispensation was to allow them to use their regular meeting to honour a great mason. 
 50 years in the craft has seen Brian Frank Sigsworth ascend to the rank of Past Assistant Grand Superintendent of Works, no mean feat at all. As with David Brown, Brian’s masonic achievements are too many to list and too glorious for myself to attempt to pedestal. Safe to say that many a Mason has looked upto, learnt from and respected Brian for many years. 
 The ceremony was presided over by our Assistant Provincial Grand Master, John Griffin, who conducted the business with his usual panache and splendour, (Yes I know, I am running out of ways to suck up). Worshipful Brother C. Jewel gave the oration. The certificate and Personal letter from the Provincial Grand Master, Sir David Trippier were presented by John Griffin. 
 Now all of the above has been reported to me from reliable sources, I have to admit that I did not witness the ceremony myself, (which makes the sucking up even more vulgar) as I arrived a few moments late and was, and I don’t wish to harp on about it, and was locked out with no way in. Poor me, all say ahhhhhh. 

 What I do not need witness testimony for was the social board. A social board with the Burns theme. Oh yes, haggis was on the menu. A splendid rendition of the Address to the Haggis was given by the director of Ceremonies, Geoff Leach complete with bag pipe player. Adding the caveat that the bag pipe player was 5 inches tall. 
 What a splendid social board. The usual fabulous Radcliffe atmosphere with the added Pilkington twist. A toast to Brian from the one and only Jeremy Aston, if you’ve never witnessed such a toast from Jeremy then watch out, rib holding required. The food, the company and the speeches all worthy of such an occasion. 

 A cracking evening was had by all. 
 Yet again we must all thank the members of Pilkington Lodge for such a free flowing and enjoyable evening.  

Report & Pictures by Leigh Rickett