Phillip Westwood celebrated 60 years in Freemasonry at Trinity Lodge 5651 at Stanley House Audenshaw overseeing the proceedings was W. Bro. Derek Nelson Thornhill along with a Provincial Delegation including APGM’s John Pearson and John Farrington.
Philip was initiated into Corinthian Lodge No 1208 in Dover  in the Province of East Kent. He worked all his working life for the Railway and after  moving North with his career he joined Iron Road Lodge No 4964 on his Birthday 26th October 1962  which is now located at Stanley House.
He joined Trinity Lodge in 2010 as he found it more convenient being a lunchtime Lodge.


Derek Thornhill held an interesting quiz about events and music from 1956, much to the amusement of the Brethren. There were up to 40 Brethren in attendance including many Grand Lodge Officers who Phillip has befriended over many years in Freemasonry.
W. Bro Norman Clarke gave a tribute to Philip which was very well received by all the Brethren which shows the high esteem Philip is held by his Brethren, Lodge and the Province.