The photograph shows WBro Greehalgh with members of the Lodge.

Worshipful Master  – WBro David Greenhalgh PProDepGR

On Wednesday 9th November, Friendship Lodge No.277 was pleased to receive WBro Peter G Hewitt, PSGD, Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the Province of East Lancashire, accompanied by a Deputation of Rochdale District Officers, together with several Provincial Officers with acting rank.

This meeting was the final meeting of the Lodge of Friendship No.277 and at the conclusion of business WBro Hewitt was to receive the Warrant of the Lodge from the Worshipful Master, WBro Greenhalgh.
After the usual opening of the Lodge, a brief History of the Lodge was presented by WBro Fred Beadsworth PProSGW who stated that 227 years have elapsed since the first opening of the lodge in an upstairs room at the Ring 0 Bells Tavern in Water Street Oldham on the 22nd August 1789. Since then the Lodge of Friendship had witnessed the growth of the nation as a great world empire, the dominance of King Cotton and the growth of Oldham as a world centre of textile production and engineering.  Past members of the Lodge had included no less than 11 Mayors of Oldham a Member of Parliament, a Baronet, a PGM, a PGS and a number of Architects who had been instrumental in designing many of the civic buildings in the town. Buildings such as the Market Hall, the Hospital, the Town Hall and the Lyceum had all been design by past members of the Lodge.

WBro Hewitt then addressed those present. He stated that although many Brethren would quite rightly feel that the evenings proceedings were a very sad occasion in the history of the Lodge, they should not forget that this final meeting should be seen as an opportunity for Brethren to celebrate and be proud of the outstanding work the Lodge and it’s members had achieved over the last 227 years.  It should not be forgotten that the Lodge had established no fewer than 15 daughter Lodges;  work that has helped to progress our great fraternity for over two centuries.

WBro Hewitt was then presented with a cheque to the value of £1,600 donated in support of the ELMC . Three other cheques to non Masonic Charities were to be presented later in the evening.

The Worshipful Master and his Wardens closed the Lodge for the final time after which the Warrant of the Lodge was received by WBro Hewitt.  In conclusion the Brethren present sang 3 verses of Join us in Harmony.