Bro Arshan Cyrus Soonawalla. Was Raised By WBro Michael Holland

In a previous news article on this website last November, it was explained how Alexandra Lodge No. 993, in Audenshaw District had the pleasure to Pass Bro Arshan Cyrus Soonawalla to the degree of a Fellow Craft Freemason. Bro Soonawalla was initiated into Alexandra Lodge No. 1065, an English Lodge which meets at Jabalpur in the State of Madhya Pradesh, India. However, as he now lives and works in London, his Lodge had written to WBro Stephen Holgate, requesting that Alexandra Lodge No. 993 Pass and Raise him on their behalf.

On 11th March 2016, the second part of that request was fulfilled when Bro Soonawalla was raised to the Degree of a Master Mason in the presence of the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro John Pearson and over 40 Brethren from 10 different Provinces. The ceremony was conducted by WBro Michael Holland, PAGDC, who is a friend of Bro Soonawalla’s grandfather, RWBro Dorab Bajan, the Past District Grand Master for the District Grand of Lodge of Bombay.

An excellent evening was enjoyed by all present, both in the Lodge Room and at the social board. WBro Holland proposed the Toast to the newly raised Brother and presented him with a ritual book on behalf of his Grandfather which had been signed by all who were present. Bro. Soonawalla  responded to his toast in a most sincere and touching way and  thanked all present  for the warm welcome they had afforded him and saying how moving and touched he was with what had taken place during the course of the evening.”

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