L to R: Peter hands the Cheque to Mr Geoffrey Wood, the Club Treasurer

Stalybridge snorkelling club has been teaching young children from the age of 7 or 8 how to snorkel. The only requirement for a child is to able to swim four lengths of the 25 metre pool. The Lodge of Faith No 581 has donated £i50 to help with the purchase of new equipment for the club.

Their Chairman, WBro Peter Brodie says:

We also go on to teach lifesaving skills both in and out of the water. Many of our students from the age of 16 go on to learn how to be instructors themselves, often dove tailing these new skills into a Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. Overall, we find that the skills and fun we provide to young people is invaluable in developing their confidence levels and enables them to contribute to their local community. We meet at the Copley Sports Centre on Huddersfield Road in Stalybridge, each Friday evening at 8pm. during the regular school term. It’s all provided on a voluntary basis and new members are most welcome, particularly as some of our local pools are due to close.
Anyone interested can contact me direct on 07702 056556.

My wife and I have been involved for the last 8 years and I am the current chairman.

Many thanks to the Lodge of Faith for its generous donation, we are most grateful.