Message From The Provincial Grand Almoner

Lodge Almoner guide
Grand Lodge has stated that the duties of an Almoner are quite distinctive and different from those of the “Charity Representative”. It must be constantly borne in mind that the duties of the Lodge Charity Steward are in every way different from those of the Lodge Almoner and it is highly inappropriate for the same Brother to hold both Offices.

He should be a well respected member of the Lodge with a willingness and the ability to visit sick Brethren and Widows. He should have a natural ability to console and listen and be able to respond quickly and positively to the needs of those in distress. He should have the ability to communicate and have a substantial knowledge of the assistance available from all sources, especially the “Department of Social Security”.

The Almoner should know every Brother in the Lodge, his background and his family commitments and he should strive to keep close contact with all the Lodge Officers, especially the Secretary and Charity Steward. He should remember that he represents the Lodge in all his dealings with the Brethren and their dependants. He should visit the sick, keep in touch with them and look after the interest of the elderly members, and Widows of former members of the Lodge.


  • Letters of Sympathy and Condolence should be written by him and not the Lodge Secretary.
  • He should enlist brethren of the Lodge to assist him in escorting Widows to Lodge functions.
  • He should report regularly to the Lodge.
  • He should have a good knowledge of the procedure to Instigate Petitions.
  • He should Investigate and report on Continuous Absence from the Lodge.


David Hudson

Provincial Grand Almoner.