On 26 January, WBro J Christopher Welton PSGD APGM visited Portico Lodge No 6070.
After the Lodge was opened and the minutes confirmed, the APGM accompanied by a District Deputation of WBro Mel Rosenthal PProvGSuptWks (City Derby Secretary), WBro Darren Kennedy ProvAGDC and WBro Richard Zoltie (Manchester Area Communications Officer) were welcomed into the Lodge by the WM, WBro Stephen W Royce.
WBro Welton introduced the District Officers making special mention of WBro Kennedy who is an Acting Officer of the Province this year.
WBro B F Clough PProvDepGReg presented a short lecture to the Brethren. This was a series of interesting questions with informative answers on various matters of Masonic interest.
At the 2nd rising, the APGM commended the WM for the excellence of the evening in very trying circumstances. Due to the ongoing building work, the Lodge room was particularly uncomfortable. He also commended WBro Clough on his lecture.
Later the Brethren enjoyed a very friendly Social Board.

The APGM, WBro Chris Welton taking wine with the WM, WBro Stephen Royce