Thursday 26th January 2017 saw Egerton Lodge No. 1392 hold a 50th Celebration for WBro David H Swinnerton, PProvGSwdB.
Now allow me to say this without offence to any one person or district. If you wanted to see a 50th celebration that is a true celebration of the person, of the lodge and of freemasonry in general then this was the place to be.
Present in the lodge room were entered apprentice freemasons, WM’s and no less than six acting provincial officers ranging from Steward to the principal guest WBro Norman Cope PSGD the area APGM. The room was full of light and dark blue with a sprinkling of red.

WBro David Swinnerton with the APGM, the District Delegation and the Lodge Members

WBro David Swinnerton with the APGM and the Members of Egerton Lodge

A lesson in ‘ops’ management was also given that evening when the APGM had taken the Chair and David was in the spotlight. The APGM had researched the day that David was initiated into freemasonry. He had notes galore and speeches based around that date, if only the provincial computer had the date right. When WBro Cope opened with “David, you were initiated into freemasonry on 12th December 1966” he was politely interrupted with “No, it was the 22nd December….”. Now you could have forgiven the APGM for swearing but he did not, he openly admitted the error and carried on regardless. The point being, even the top brass are subject to ‘ops’ moments in lodge so when you have one you are indeed in good company, smile, swallow and move on.
David was initiated into Freemasonry by his father Frank. The initiation ceremony is always an excellent affair but to see a father initiate his son is always a little special.
WBro Derek Carlow PProvJGW delivered a funny and informative tribute to David in the only Derek can.

WBro Swinnerton receives his Illuminated Certificate from APGM, WBro Norman Cope, together with the Worshipful Master,  Bro J. Craig Hindle

A Presentation from the Members of the Lodge

The social board was fabulous with perfect food, humour and companionship. I can’t say how good this 50th celebration was and I thank Egerton Lodge for allowing us visitors to join them on this special occasion.
If ever there were an advert for the promotion of visiting and supporting our district lodges then this would be it.