During this Tercentenary year of Freemasonry, on Saturday 23rd September, Bolton Masonic Hall opened its doors to the public for the annual open day. In the past this has garnered many new candidates for Freemasonry and this event was no exception.
It was made all the more special on this occasion by the attendance of both the Mayor, and Lady Mayoress of Bolton, along with the Bolton Sea Cadets, who both received donations to their respective charities and needs.
Earlier in the year, Bolton & Farnworth District Freemasons visited the Sea Cadets and toured their Unit in Bolton. The District was delighted to be able to apply for masonic community funding to renovate a classroom at the Unit. The District hopes to continue close relations with the Sea Cadets and help them in the future.
The Mayor of Bolton has charities close to his heart and the District was happy to support them. It gave Bolton Freemasons an opportunity to show the Mayor and the Lady Mayoress around the magnificent hall, which if anyone has visited, will attest that the large Lodge room is one of the finest in the Province.

Many members of the public, attracted by social media attended the hall open day showing the future possibilities for this method of recruitment, which has been successfully replicated around the Province.
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