Wednesday 2nd November 2022 saw Mr Howard Millin initiated in the Duke of Lancaster Lodge No 4207. Initiating any candidate into Freemasonry is a cause for celebration, this was never more so as the Lodge celebrated its Centenary in June of this year. This was great start to the next hundred years, especially as it is over a decade since the Lodge performed a 1st degree ceremony.

The ceremony was well attended with a healthy number of visitors and guests, APGM John Griffin along with Grand Officer Jeremy Aston supporting the day.

APGM John Griffin chatting with Bro Howard Millin
WBro David Ashworth kindly vacated the ‘Chair of King Solomon’ to allow WBro Stephen Sharp to conduct the Ceremony as Bro Millin was his candidate and long-standing friend. It was a very heartfelt and personal ceremony which was enjoyed by all present, none more than WBro Sharp and the candidate Bro Millin.

WBro Edwin Hardman gave a word perfect and flawless delivery of the ‘Charge after Initiation’ which was a delight to all the brethren present.

The social board had a warm, jovial, and fraternal feel which was thoroughly enjoyed by all present. APGM John Griffin spent time with our new brother to welcome him into Freemasonry during the social board, then he responded to the ’Toasts’ in professional and humorous manner.

APGM John Griffin, Bro Howard Millin and WM Dave Ashworth posing for a photo!
The afternoon was rounded off by a response and a funny little poem about ‘old age’ from WBro Tom Pearson.
WBro Tom Pearson, WBro Eric Reeves, and WBro Jeremy Aston in great form during the meal.
Bro Millin having been given a warm welcome in to the fraternity will certainly live up to the fine example set by Brethren, he is looking forward to proving his dedication and commitment to the Duke of Lancaster Lodge and Freemasonry in general.

Duke of Lancaster Lodge are a daylight Lodge which meet at Rawtenstall Masonic Hall.

Report and photographs by WBro Stephen Sharp

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