The closure of a lodge is never a happy occasion, but the remaining brethren of Coronation Lodge No. 3479 and a number of visiting Brethren came together at Blackburn Masonic Hall to celebrate the 110 year history of the Lodge at it’s final meeting. The closure of Blackburn Masonic Hall played a large part in the decision, but most of the Lodge members are continuing their Masonic journeys by joining Victory Lodge No. 3932 as they move their home to Darwen.

After the opening by the Father of the Lodge, James Abbott, he proceeded to Install WBro Terrance Ward for the remainder of the meeting. Following the normal business,  John Rimmer read a potted history of the Lodge as far as they could as the original minute book had been lost over time. This was an extremely interesting and rich history that can be read in full HERE….

The APGM WBro Alan Kirwillian then addressed the Lodge and made the analogy of a half empty and half full glass. Coronation Lodge were definitely in the half full category as they move forward to another Lodge and location.

John Moxon the Worshipful Master of Victory Lodge then spoke on behalf of his Lodge and welcomed the Brethren who would be joining. His often emotional address made reference to the fact that we are all Freemasons, wherever we are and that was the important thing.

Following the closing procedure, the Lodge Warrant was presented to Alan Kirwillian for transport to Grand Lodge in London and to their safe keeping.

The meal that followed was not a sombre event. There were lots of laughs and tales from the Lodge’s past, but equally there was lots of positivity for the future. We all look forward to visiting the Brethren in their new homes wherever that may be.

The final photograph of Coronation Lodge No. 3479

Article and Images: East Ribble District Team