On Monday 28 October 2019, Cornucopia Lodge No 4553 held a very special meeting, which saw them hosting a White Table Event that welcomed over 40 non-masonic guests.
The lodge was opened and closed by the Brethren of Cornucopia Lodge, with distinguished guests from the City Derby and City Sykes District Teams and other Masonic Lodges.
Whilst waiting to be called upon and enjoying some pre-event drinks at the bar, the prospective candidates were personally greeted by The Provincial Grand Master, Sir David Tripper.  He thanked them for taking the time to learn more about Freemasonry and hoped that their interest would result in them continuing onto joining a Manchester Lodge.

Once the lodge had been closed, the Inner Guard admitted all non-masons and when the guests were all seated, the Worshipful Master, Bro Carl Phillips, welcomed them.
WBro Darren Kennedy gave a brief explanation of the lodge room and Bro Dean Lynch described the many ways that Masonic Charity has benefited both masonic and non-masonic good causes.
The lodge’s Director of Ceremonies, WBro Roy Chapman, assisted by the out-going City Sykes District Chairman, WBro Chris Prax, then answered a number of thought provoking questions from the guests.

The Brethren and their guests subsequently retired to the newly refurbished Fifth Floor Suite of Manchester Hall for the Social Board.  With over 80 brethren and gentlemen in attendance, the atmosphere proved to be one of excitement and intrigue.
The attendees were interspersed to allow the guests to further enquire about the benefits of Freemasonry and ask the attending Brethren questions about their own Masonic journeys.
Report by Chris Armstrong