A Hosted Meeting is always an honour to any Lodge or Chapter to whom it applies. It’s even more special when it is dedicated to one person. The PGM, Sir David Trippier, made it known that this visit was a huge thank you to WBro. Gerry Hodson for the sterling work he did as a Provincial Junior Grand Warden working with Sir David. This attribute was clearly seconded by the attendance which was over 70 Freemasons.
The meeting began with the usual honours given to the PGM followed by the WM offering Sir David the Gavel. His hopes were dashed when Sir David politely handed it back. We were then opened to the 3rd Degree for a demonstration of “The Walking Charge”. This ceremony is intended to be used for the Candidate following the completion of his Third and most impressive it was. It was generally mooted that it should be used regularly.
Following the closing, we all retired to the Social Board which to some of our longer serving Brethren would have reminded them of lodge social boards in the past when several legs were used. It was a magnificent sight to see five legs attached to the top table and the hubbub that goes with so many masons enjoying their evening in good company. Sir David thanked the Lodge and its Officers for the splendid enjoyable evening and wished them all well.
The drive home for the officers and Brethren of The Good Companions Lodge would feeling they had excelled themselves this evening to the satisfaction of all present.