WBro Chris Welton, Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Manchester presents Moodswings Linda Wilson with a cheque for £6000.
Founded in 1999, Moodswings aims to help people recover from mood problems and the severe emotional distress they can cause.
The Assistant Provincial Grand Master was accompanied by WBro David Hudson Chairman of Manchester City Derby, WBro Chris Prax Chairman of Manchester City Sykes and Manchester City Derby and Sykes Charity Stewards, WBro Tony Stephenson and Bro Stephen Thomson.
Mood problems can range from periods of severe anxiety or depression to episodes of high and low mood. The effects on education, employment, relationships and family life can be devastating.
The work of the Charity is based on a belief that people can recover from severe mood problems and move on to lead happier and fuller lives. From its centre in Manchester, Moodswings reaches out across the north west and beyond, Their services a delivered by small team of staff and a huge team of volunteers.

Pictured above is Amie. Originally a volunteer, who having gained her degree is now a vital member of the staff team.
Almost all of Moodswings 1200 clients are self-referrals, with a significant number coming from Manchester’s universities.

Linda said “I have to split my time between raising money and delivering the services our clients need. This money will make a huge difference and will be spent on the direct delivery of our services and projects”.

For More information on Moodswings, visit their website: www.moodswings.org.uk
Or email: info@moodswings.co.uk
Author: Tony Stephenson