Monday 21st November saw the Worshipful Master of Milton Lodge, WBro Leo Sterling, lead a group of Brethren, including Ian Walvin, Danny Langley, Dave Crawley, Roy Tindall and Pete Cole to Ardwick Lodge at Audenshaw Masonic Hall.
There they were treated to an enactment of the Traditional History in the form of a play-let, which everybody found interesting and which brought to life an important part of our ritual.
However, the primary reason for their visit was to seize the Traveling Gavel and, as they went team handed, the visit succeeded in its mission. The gavel is now in the possession of Milton Lodge who will keep it under close guard for the time being. The photograph above, taken at their December Meeting, shows a very satisfied WBro Sterling proudly showing the gavel to WBro Chad Northcott who was visiting the Lodge at the time.
The Gavel will be available to be seized in its turn by any Lodge that meets the requirements of the Traveling Gavel Scheme, which means that another Lodge who want to take the Gavel must attend a meeting of Milton Lodge, bringing with them a team of at least 4 brethren of the Lodge. If more than one Lodge is in attendance for this purpose, then the larger group will win.
Milton Lodge, who are part of Ashton & Mossley District, meet on the second Thursday of the month at Ashton Masonic Hall, and the Gavel will be available for seizure at their February Meeting. This will be the last meeting to be presided over by WBro Leo Sterling, and as it happens will also be their Olde English Night, so lots of reasons for attending. If you are interested in seizing the Traveling Gavel then contact Milton’s exceedingly capable secretary, WBro Dave Brown at