On Saturday 9th January 2021, ten freemasons from East Ribble District braved the cold but sunny weather to collect over 130 Christmas Trees from the Blackburn, Whalley and Clitheroe areas on behalf of East Lancashire Hospice.

The Christmas Tree collection was organised by Ann Dobson, a patient at The Hospice, who wanted to give back to the Hospice for all the care and support they had shown her.

With the help of Leanne and the fundraising staff at the Hospice, the East Ribble Freemasons District Team, and valuable advice from other Hospices outside the area who had run the scheme in the past, the event was very quickly put together and the leaflets and social media advertising were sent out.

The vans were hired, and the S’Ann’ta logo attached to the vans, all paid for through an ELMC grant, and they were sent out to pick up the trees, which had been pre-booked by households through the Hospice website, making a donation for each tree we collected.

The trees were taken to a site in Ribchester were they were to be recycled into Bio-Fuel.

The East Ribble volunteers really enjoyed the day out helping the Hospice, this being the first time they had seen each other for almost twelve months.  Social distancing measures were in place and PPE equipment was provided by the Hospice.

Overall a great day was had by all and all for a fantastic cause.  The final total raised was £ 3800.

Hopefully this event will now be held annually and get bigger each year to raise vital funds.

Pictured here is Ann Dobson proudly displaying the cheque for the amount raised.  A fantastic effort all round !

Article and Images: East Ribble District Team