On Wednesday 3rd October 2012 the East Lancs Royal Arch Presentation Team performed an Exaltation Ceremony at a Joint Convocation of the East Ribble District Chapters. The event was hosted by the Chapter of Perseverance No 345 at Blackburn Masonic Hall in the presence of the Deputy Grand Superintendant, EComp William J Porter, PGSwdB, who was supported by a full Provincial delegation.

The Delegation included the Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals, EComps David H Thompson and Rev Donald K Pryce, together with EComp Paul Aspinall, the AProvGP for the Northern Area, and EComp David Lightbown, the District Chairman. In addition to these, we were honoured by the company of three other Assistants to the Provincial Grand Principals, one of whom had crossed the border from West Lancs.


As ever the evening was conducted under the able guidance of EComp Henri Lyons, the Provincial Grand DC, who was himself supported by a Deputy and an Assistant Provincial Grand DC.

The meeting was opened by the First Principal of the Chapter of Perseverance EComp Green, very ably assisted by his Co-Principals. The Deputy Grand Superintendant then entered the Chapter in procession and was warmly welcomed by the sixty Royal Arch Masons who were present. EComp Paul Aspinall, the AProvGP for the Northern Area, introduced the Presentation Team to the Convocation and the team were efficiently swapped into their places for the ceremony.


[Companion Harry Gibbs, the newly exalted Companion is welcomed into the Royal Arch by the Deputy Grand Superintendant.] 

With the team in place, WBro Harry Gibbs, who is the WM of the Lodge of Perseverance No 345 was brought into the Chapter and exalted to the degree of a Royal Arch Mason in an excellent, and most interesting, ceremony. This particular ceremony was a new version of the normal East Lancs ritual which has been especially researched, compiled and written by EComp Andrew Sinclair, a Provincial Deputy Grand DC, and the Co-ordinator of the Royal Arch Presentation Team. The ceremony as performed was essentially the same that we all use, but featured enough different material, sourced from a number of Chapters in East Lancashire, to ensure that everyone present saw something new and different during the ceremony.

[The East Lancs Royal Arch Presentation Team. On this occasion, the Team consisted of the following companions: Front Row EComps Terry Bailey as Janitor,
Leslie Taylor as H, Russell Pike as Z, Alan Baxendale as J, Fraser McCord as Principal Sojourner. Back Row EComps Kevin Hall as Scribe N, Andrew Sinclair as DC,
Denny Stevens as 2nd Assistant Sojourner, Graham Rawlinson as Explainer of Signs, Keith Swettenham as ADC and Wayne Kilford as 1st Assistant Sojourner]