Back row: Tony Freemont; Graham Rawlinson; Terry Bailey; Les Taylor; Alan Baxendale; Chris Cunliffe
Middle Row: David Thornton; Fraser McCord; John Cavanagh; Keith Swettenham; Ian Stirling; Peter Elmore
Front Row: Paul Aspinall; Andrew Procter; Andrew Denton; Robert Olive

On Wednesday 31st. October 2012 the East Lancashire Royal Arch Presentation Team presented “The Rise & Fall of the Twelve Tribes of Israel” at The Red Rose of Lancashire Chapter No.9640 at Leyland Masonic Hall. In attendance were EComp Paul Aspinall, ProvGSN, AProvGP, EComp David Thornton, PGStB, AProvGP, and from West Lancashire EComp Peter Elmore, PGStB, AProvGP. An excellent attendance of around eighty Royal Arch Companions enjoyed the dramatised story of the history of the Twelve Tribes, presented by ten members of the Team. Assisting them, as a participant in the presentation, was EComp Ian Stirling, a West Lancashire ProvGStwd, and Principal Sojourner of the host Chapter.

It is only a couple of years since the Team presented at Leyland, then at the Red Rose of Lancashire Lodge, and they felt privileged to be invited back to perform a different piece of work. The Chapter was very professionally guided under the direction of EComp Andrew Denton, MEZ, EComp Andrew Proctor, H, and EComp Robert Olive, J, all expertly supervised by EComp Stephen Smith, PProvGSoj, as DC. The Chapter did a great deal of work in preparing the large room to accommodate the presentation, which was much appreciated by the Team. The Social Board was most convivial, and the Companions enjoyed excellent Lancashire hospitality.