WBro Christopher Welton, APGM; Michael Hardman; Daniel Wintoun-Simpkinsand and WBro Shaun Higson, Master

Worshipful Master, WBro Shaun Higson, and members of Felicity Lodge No 4365 welcomed the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Christopher Welton PJGD along with WBro Andrew Jenkins ProvGSuptWks, WBro Jim Hilton ProvJGD, WBro Nick Davis ProvAGDC and a District Delegation to their meeting on 28 January 2016.

The APGM was particularly interested in meeting and welcoming two new Entered Apprentices to the Lodge. He wished them a long and enjoyable future in Freemasonry.  During the meeting, WBro John Green presented an extremely interesting lecture on the Preparation of the Candidate which was enjoyed by all.

In addressing the Lodge members and visitors, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master thanked WBro Green for his lecture, the Lodge members for their contributions to the 2015 Festival and for the very warm welcome he, and his delegation, received.

Lodge Members & Delegation