Keystone Lodge No 363 held a delightful ’White Table’ evening at their April meeting.

Whilst the formal lodge meeting was in progress, WBro Doug Smith entertained all the non-masonic guests who had arrived,  showing them around the Masonic Hall.

During the “Calling Off”, all guests were invited into the Temple. The lodge felt this increased the mystique and enabled guests to feel they were genuinely entering a temple set out for a lodge meeting. The WM Martin Cane then delivered a short talk on ‘Women in Freemasonry’. Finally, the W.M. answered any questions about the lecture, after which the non-masons and ladies retired from the Lodge room.

At the festive board, Wives, Partners, and Friends sat down for a three-course meal; the starter was Goats Cheese & Red onion Chutney served on brochette and drizzled with A Balsamic Glaze. The Main consisted of Minted lamb chops, seasoned crushed new potatoes, and roasted vegetables. Followed by Fruit crumble and cream.

Toasts were restricted to His Majesty the King; RWBro Sir David Trippier splendidly provided the musical accompaniment and with DC WBro David Ogden in charge of the Gavel.

A raffle was organised, which made a satisfactory amount for charity. After which, the visitors all received a Forget Me Not badge and an explanation of its significance.

The WM thanked all the brethren for their warm welcome, especially to his mother ‘WBro Margaret Cane’ HFAF. She was delighted to meet all and hoped to attend other functions and was made up with the welcome she received.

WBro Margaret Cane’ HFAF with son W.M. WBro Martin N Cane, PPGStB (Herts), PPGStwd (W.Kent).